Exploring the Advanced Features and Performance of KTM Motorcycles

Posted By: Kenneth Standring
Post Date: 01/30/2023

Off-Road Abilities and Comfort

KTM motorcycles have long been popular in the Power Sports community for their off-road ability. They were the first bikes to feature a rear disc brake and have a unique hingeless design. Today's models feature all-new suspension and steering setups that provide excellent rider comfort and control. This enables motorcycle riders to take full advantage of their off-road abilities without sacrificing comfort.

Electronic Rider Aids for Enhanced Performance

KTM has also developed electronic rider aids to enhance their motorcycle performance and fun on all types of terrain. These tools include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) and cornering-ABS. The cornering-ABS can adjust brake pressure to the motorcycle's lean angle to ensure maximum control.

KTM Motorcycle Traction Control for Optimal Efficiency

To maximize efficiency and traction, KTM Motorcycle Traction Control works with two separate controllers to calculate the optimal amount of traction for each situation. The MTS system balances clutch and throttle, sending maximum power to the rear wheel. It also helps to keep the rear wheel from spinning, preventing wheel spin and allowing the rider to concentrate on the next move.

High-Tech Braking Technology on the KTM 200 DUKE

In addition to the motorcycle engine's performance, the KTM 200 DUKE offers high-tech BYBRE braking technology and dual circuit ABS. This allows the rider to fully utilize their braking power in a variety of conditions. The bike meets the most rigorous noise and emission standards, as well as being fuel efficient.

Sportier Riding Experience with the KTM 85 SX

The KTM 85 SX features a sportier riding position with the new seat and handlebar design. New plastics expel mud in muddy conditions and offer superior rider control. Avon Trailrider tires are also used to offer confidence-inspiring long-distance street handling and exploration on trails.

Improved Suspension and Rider Triangle on the SX and SX-F Ranges

The SX and SX-F ranges include a new rider triangle, with a softer seat and improved knee contact. Additionally, these bikes feature a new shock absorber design and easy-access click adjusters for the air pressure preload and compression. Also, each bike is available with a fuel pump.

Enhanced KTM Motorcycle Traction Control for 2021

KTM Motorcycle Traction Control has been enhanced for 2021. This includes an improved display that shows data in an uncluttered way. Depending on the condition of the weather, the display will change color. If the engine is cold, the display will warn the rider.

KTM Motorcycle Traction Control works with the traction module, which uses inputs from the engine speed, pitch axis, and the rider's speed, to calculate the amount of traction needed. The module also calculates the lean angle and the corresponding torque to the rear wheel. As the engine speeds up, the MTS system sends power to the rear wheel, providing the optimal traction for every situation.

Tool-Free Suspension Setup for Quick and Easy Adjustments

The KTM SX and SX-F ranges have an all-new suspension setup, as well as a tool-free suspension setup. These features allow the rider to fine-tune low-speed settings quickly and easily, as well as to adjust high-speed settings at any time.

Accessorizing with KTM: Helmets and Payment Deferment Options

KTM also offers a variety of accessories, including high-performance helmets and payment deferment options. Customers can also get a free day of riding at Highland Park Resort, where they will receive one-on-one assistance with adjustments.

For more information about KTM motorcycles, visit KTM World or visit us at L & D Race Tech 1035 Marlin Ave, Warrenton, OR 97146


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